Telematics insurance is new and exciting, and potentially changing the way we insure our cars. We want to encourage telematics to be used for good, to benefit customers and positively change attitudes towards insurance, treating customers as individuals rather than part of demographic or genre.


We treat our customers fairly, provide clear information, show them how their driving may be affecting their premium, and inform them if they put themselves or others at risk.


Our main partners are our insurers, with whom we see a different type of relationship. Our aim is to deliver a safe, secure and profitable account for our insurer partners and in turn deliver a sustainable proposition for our policy holders. We see insurers as the agents for change, consequently full collaboration is our preferred route to market.



Coverbox is a long established telematics private car insurance brand, purchased by ourselves in 2009, selling our own telematics product via a third party administrator.


As a market leader in telematics we continued to grow, until in 2014 we made the decision to set up our own operational infrastructure in Stamford, employing 20 people.


With continued expansion, and the need to plan for the future, we decided to move. Taking over our new Peterborough offices in early 2015.


Coverbox provides an end to end solution for our Partners and, a total service for our customers.


Our in- house teams include: Contact Centre, Finance, HR, Insurer Relations, Marketing & Brand Management, Fraud and Insurer Protection, Compliance, IT and our own dedicated rating engine team. We currently employ 50 staff, with further expansion planned.


Coverbox is a trading style of Coverbox Insure Limited, part of Coverbox Holdings Limited


“Telematics car insurance is becoming mainstream, and Coverbox are at the forefront of this new technology”



Coverbox provides an online telematics private car insurance product, though a panel of insurers.


Our team has extensive insurance telematics experience. We have written tens of thousands of policies and have over one billion lines of driving data. Coverbox is one of the few telematics providers that has developed and owns its own individual product rating engines and device data interfaces, these include; the technology that converts raw data into meaningful management information and behavioural rating scores, and G Force axis alerts into accident reconstruction and mapping, plus overall driver rating for use at renewal.


For our partners our business provides entry to telematics and all it benefits.


For our customers we provide car insurance – it’s as simple as that, just with a few extra benefits.




Welcome to telematics made simple


Coverbox makes telematics simpler for customers to understand and easier for insurers to support.


So how does it work?


Our customer buys a policy at a great price and agrees to have a device fitted in their car.


We provide an end to end solution for our insurer partners and cost effective, telematics insurance cover for our customers, watching out for them, not over them.





Our dedicated Risk & Compliance Team is responsible for the protection of the business, its partners and its customers.


They provide the business with insight into emerging legislation and issues in the wider market place. They ensure that our processes are robust enough to meet future requirements, whilst providing assurance that our existing practices are in-line with current legislation.


They provide a reference point and guidance during the design of new processes and supporting documentation, to ensure that the needs of our customers are given the highest priority.


Regular audits both internally, and externally of our suppliers, risk assessment & management and regularly reviewed disaster recovery plans, ensure that the business remains positioned to achieve its goals and deliver the level of service and success that our customers and partners expect. Our audit function also ensures that our Customer Service Team, and the systems and processes that they use, are compliant and are being followed correctly.


Our in-house Fraud & Insurer Protection Team work with our insurance underwriters to minimise the risk of exposure to fraud to our business, and enable us to give better rates and service to our customers.





Coverbox Holdings Limited is registered in England under number 07800485

Coverbox is a trading style of Coverbox Insure Limited, registered in England: number 07660717

Coverbox Insure Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct authorised, registration number 582580


Registered Offices: Thorpe Park | 239 Thorpe Road | Peterborough | Cambridgeshire | PE3 6JY


Our permitted business is arranging private car insurance policies




Integrity | Innovation | Caring





We strive to ensure that all information is understandable, allows the customer to make an informed choice, has no hidden charges, terms or conditions and that we are transparent in all we do.




Telematics is a new and exciting form of insurance, Coverbox are at the forefront of this new technology and our aim is to share the benefits of telematics with insurers and customers alike. We constantly look to the future and how telematics will evolve, developing our proposition as innovation, imagination and customer needs dictate.


Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)


We are fully committed to putting our customer’s needs at the forefront of all that we do.


We have a responsibility to deliver a fair outcome for all our customers and ensure that we apply the principals set by the Financial Conduct Authority.


We treat our customers fairly, provide the best service to meet their needs and should something go wrong, go out of our way to put things right, because we care about what we do and how it affects our customers.


Our Compliance team review all processes and procedures, web content & marketing, as well as monitoring customer calls, to ensure best practice at all times.


Making a difference


We believe in putting our customer’s needs first, and our team values reflect this:


Corporate Social Responsibility


We believe in putting something back into the local community. See our Charitable Support section for some of our recent donations.





Coverbox is a trading style of Coverbox Insure Limited


Telematics car insurance has evolved


Thousands of drivers throughout the UK now have telematics car insurance, so what makes our policies different? With no curfews, no mileage restrictions and no automatic penalties once our customers have a device fitted all they have to do is drive.


Working closely with our insurer partners the main benefit for both insurers and customers alike, is in the support of a claim and reducing fraud. The quicker a claim is reported and dealt with, the better. Telematics provides information for before, during and after an event and can assist to prevent fraud. This leads to reduced claims ratios and cheaper policies.


Our policies are sold via aggregators and direct through the Coverbox website online


“Telematics has evolved and Coverbox is part of that evolution”